Monday, August 08, 2005

Mission 261

The exalted Mission 261 serves jaw-dropping dim sum in San Gabriel. I cannot imagine a more delightful shootout than comparing this head-to-head with Sea Harbor in a single weekend.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

New Concept

The mind boggles at the plenitude of mind-blowing restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley. Add New Concept to the list of places that one absolutely must try whilst living in L.A. It's high-style innovative Cantonese in Monterey Park.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Swan, Giang Nan

Swan Restaurant, yet another Thai gem in North Hollywood. There is a huge Bhan Kanom Thai dessert store here too. I went back twice in three nights, then my friend Kathy left her phone there and brought back even more for Ian. Bonanza!

What a great, great meal I shared with Lambert and Peng at Giang Nan (Shanghai/Jiangzhe in Monterey Park). Some companions magnify the pleasure one has in delicious food, but this meal didn't really need the fine company to make its impressions felt. There was a priceless moment when Lambert showed his digital photos of the dishes to the curious waitresses ("ooh! Lion's head meatball... fish-head casserole... fried bread...").

Al pastor torta - for breakfast???

Carmen Foods added to Taco Trucks of the Westside. A highly unusual day when the low end theorist is out and about at breakfast time. There must be an alternate breakfast and lunch truck scene that one never experiences.