Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Great Taco Hunt

The vastness of LA and its unmatched diversity dictates that there is waaay too much eating for one man, even if that man is Jonathan Gold. So there is virtue in the pursuit of a single godly food item, and I have added Bandini's excellent Great Taco Hunt to my sidebar linx. His coverage is citywide, unlike my pragmatic Westside focus. I can testify to the 4.5-taco rating of King Taco, but Bandini's review does not mention the very unusual mojellas or sweetbreads that you can have in taco form. Keep up the good work Bandini!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ricos Tacos, Mama Voula's update

Here are the details about a new taco truck for y'all, it's one for the indecisive because there is only one dish available (you still have to choose carne del dia).

Also, I have just discovered the marides at Mama Voula's. It's one of the greatest fried fish dishes ever, right up there with the yellow croaker with stuff (black fungus?) in the batter at Giang Nan, or the jalea at any Peruvian restaurant - I must admit that in the latter case, sheer quantity is part of the attraction.

Unfortunately, my backlog of job applications is still longer than my backlog of restaurants, but you can expect more recommendations to trickle down.