Monday, September 05, 2005

Guatemalteca Bakery, Yongsusan

I love to find a new place that is clearly a centre for the local community, and it was wall-to-wall Guatemalan folks in Guatemalteca today (on Beverly a little ways from Pico-Union), not surprising given the excellent quality and value. Groceries, el cheapo baked goods and honest lunch plates; a Los Angeles about 7 miles and one universe away from the Westside.

Hard to find a more diametrically opposed restaurant to Guatemalteca than Yongsusan, the Koreatown royal banquet legend, but hey, this is Low End Theory's restaurants we're talking about here and I'll eat most anything. This meal was incredibly good, it ranks with the greatest multi-course extravaganzas I've had in any cuisine.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Umenohana now but a memory

Whoops, I forgot to post here about my Umenohana write-up, and now it's closed. I think the Chowhound post had some stimulating effect and I sincerely hope that some Japanese food-lovers made it out there before yesterday. When I am a loaded assistant prof driving a Lexus SC430 (hah!) I'll fly out to Japan to score some tofu siumai.


A while between posts, I was up in Vancouver confirming that their Cantonese restaurants are indeed superior to those in Los Angeles (amazing but true based on my limited sampling). Here are some notes on Uzbekistan, a wonderful and highly unusual restaurant on Sunset north of the Hollywood Russian ghetto centred on Fairfax and Santa Monica. I am keen to try Robert's Cuisine next, it's Russian not Uzbeki but I have heard good things.