Saturday, July 23, 2005

Javan, Umenohana, Warszawa, Sea Harbor

The dust seems to have settled on my evaluation of the Persian scene with the addition of Javan to the Persian and West LA lists. An interesting tidbit from Wikipedia - faloodeh is one of the oldest of all frozen desserts.

Among L.A.'s high-end dining spots, Umenohana is certainly unique for its tofu kaiseki. Also a new neighbourhood, Beverly Hills, not clear when the low end theorist will return there!

Since when has Eastern European fare been splurge-worthy? Warszawa is a fancy and delicious Polish restaurant in Santa Monica. Some might see the proliferation of single-restaurant cuisine categories as extravagant, and there are undeniable overlaps between Bosnian, Polish and Uzbeki. Well, first of all I'm writing the website so national boundaries will yield to my hazy geographical pencil. Secondly, as the Balkan warfare in the Aroma Cafe comments indicates, some people feel very strongly that their local specialties are distinct and worth fighting for. Rather than amalgamating these into a pan-Eastern Europe section I've decided to let them proliferate. If I try some really great Nicaraguan and Guatemalan restaurants in future, their shared page could split too.

My, what a lot of updates today. Sea Harbor of Rosemead is the best dim sum I've had in L.A.


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