Sunday, July 17, 2005

Old Updatez

Old updatez from back in the day, before I started Low End Restaurantz.

My favourite appetizers from the Westwood Lebanese marvel Sunnin.

Tacomiendo has quality Mexican fare in Mar Vista/Culver City.

Langer's pastrami is a sandwich without equal in its class. For no reason I can divine, it's in Pico-Union. Also, notes on the neighbouring and similarly essential Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe, where tamales from all over Latin America find a happy home. Kyushu Ramen is a noteworthy spot in Van Nuys when nuthin' but noodles will do.

Apologies for the lack of updates. Been burning the midnight oil at both ends in lab, and recent Blogger problems were most frustrating. I think the site works well again, do let me know if there are missing pages and I'll rectify. To make things easier for my "loyal" readership, I created new neighbourhoods: Downtown/USC area, Pico-Union/Alvarado, Pasadena, and Glendale/Eagle Rock. Look out for more updates soon!

One of the reasons I frown on "meat lovers" is that they frequently neglect equally hearty pleasures that don't involve giant hunks of environmentally questionable livestock. Like soon tofu, the killer Korean tofu stew that exemplifies the fact that tofu is not a meat substitute, just an ingredient with its own distinct place in the culinary constellation. Sokongdong is a K'town spot with great great soon tofu and surprisingly for a specialist restaurant, a spicy raw crab dish that is every bit as good as the house stalwart.

Sunshine Thai in North Hollywood, yet another terrific Thai restaurant for Thai people.

Baby Blues Barbeque features tasty 'que in Venice.

Annapurna, a newish South Indian option in Culver City. Chung King is yet another terrific Szechwan restaurant in Monterey Park.

Thoughts on Shahrezad, the Persian kingpin of Westwood Blvd. Also added notes about which Persian places I like and why. Extra menu recommendations for the Thai hotspot Ruen Pair.

Garcia's Bros of Culver City added to the Westside taco truck list. Quality new truck + Bill Frisell at Jazz Bakery, hard to find a Los Angeles day to beat that.

A paean to the expanded Simpang Asia, Indonesian grocery store extraordinaire in Palms. Added la.foodblogging to the linx.

Zankou opens on the Westside (West LA, that is), let there be rejoicing. And general chaos inside. Armenian chicken and garlic sauce are in the house.

Menu recommendations from the Hunan splendour of Shiang/Charming Garden in Monterey Park.

Menu info on Uncle Darrow's of Marina Del Rey. If ever a restaurant deserved the descriptor soul food, this is it. Also some notes on Raku, Korean-Japanese small-plate greatness in West L.A..

Cosmetic improvement, I'm back in black. Ian has a hilarious new blog, and I also link to Pam's Daily Gluttony (another haw flake eater), Santo's Meet Me At The Corner Of Third And Fairfax and BBQ Junkie.

Soot Bull Jeep, the famous Koreatown restaurant with charcoal barbecue.

Notes on how to eat at Raffi's Place, the Persian kabob legend in Glendale. Yai Noodle is a new noodle house contender in Thai Town, see also Thai list. Where does one eat downtown? How about Sarita's Pupuseria (Downtown and Salvadoran lists). I'm almost never in O.C., but if you are, check out elmomonster's Monster Munching as an adjunct to Professor Salt.

Tacos Don Kike has pretty good tacos and a stunning downtown view. In Taqueria
and Downtown lists.

Probably an only-in-L.A. experience, wonderful handmade sarashina soba at Otafuku. See also Gardena and Japanese noodles.

Added Chowpatty/Pat's estimable Eating L.A. to Special Sources. A nostalgic note about Hulu House to accompany a significant picture.

Yungui Garden
notes, this is the former Yunnan Garden and Hua's Garden. Can't they settle on Yunnan Rice Noodle Restaurant, the Chinese name? Also see Szechwan and Monterey Park lists.

The marvel of Beijing/Peking duck at Lu Din Gee. Also in San Gabriel and Northern Chinese lists.

A note about molagapodi, and check out Professor Salt's blog.

Woodlands added to Indian and South of LA lists. Tremendous South Indian fare.

Aroma Cafe inaugurates the Bosnian section with a bang. Also in West LA/Pico list. Made a taco truck glossary at Ian and Kathy's suggestion.

At Ian's suggestion, reorganized Taco Trucks of the Westside by geography, and linked to the relevant neighbourhood lists. Extra notes about Tacos Junior truck as well - my new favourite flavour of Jarritos is Mandarina.

King Taco and La China Poblana in East LA list, the latter in Mexican Regional list.

Messob added to Ethiopian and Fairfax lists. Kitfo is worth working up one's courage for.

Added NBC Seafood Restaurant to the Cantonese and Monterey Park lists.

Added Mama Voula's to the Greek and West LA lists, and Cocido Azteca de Oro to Taco Trucks of the Westside.

Added Ka-San Korean bbq to Glendale/Pasadena/Eagle Rock page, it's in La Crescenta. Maybe I will split this neighbourhood in two sometime. Also on Korean barbecue page.

Added Good-Ha!!! (takeout menu does have three exclamation points) to Glendale and Filipino lists. Breakfast that should last all day, take your flip-flops to fit in with the crowd.

Added Greece's barbeque to the American:BBQ and Hollywood/Fairfax lists. The first tip from a blog visitor, thanks gbarn (at)!

Recommended additional dishes from Yai, the completely unstoppable Thai Town favourite.

Added Max's of Manila to Glendale and Filipino guides. Strictly for Pinoys and their peeps!

Added Special Sources, a list of great places to find more info about L.A. restaurants.

Posted some old reviews from with appropriate tinkering. It's all hotlinked from the neighbourhood and style guides:
Thai desserts, Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi, Wa Sushi, Isla Buffet, Jerk Pit, Taqueria Vista del Hermosa, Ruen Pair, Yunnan Garden/Hua's Garden, Torafuku, Dos Burritos, Attari Sandwiches, International Tofu House and Brodard II. Enjoy.


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